Monday, January 14, 2013

Introducing....The BelloBorn Ring Tai

I am really excited to announce that after much designing, the BelloBorn Ring Tai will soon be an option for custom orders and maybe even the odd in stock when i can :)

Ring Tai's are great for those who want the ease of a carrier which has shorter straps then a Mei Tai or Half buckle but can still easily back and front carry, wear the carrier low or high on the waist and tie off Tibetan which is what i personally love about the Ring Tai. Ring Tai's are lighter then a Full Buckle and still feel "wrappy". SlingRings are used in place of buckles to adjust the shoulder straps and waist strap, meaning that people of all shapes and sizes can comfortably wear this style of carrier.

I have incorporated aspects of both my Mei Tai and Full buckle NewAge Carriers to create the Ring Tai. I have made this one using the BelloBorn NewAge Flared Strap however wrap straps are also an option and would be lovely with smaller bubs.

This Ring Tai is a Toddler size 19" carrier and has both legs and arms out padding for my children's comfort. I made it this one without a hood however a hood ot padded headrest will also be an option for customs.

The carrier fits both my 23mth old who is almost 12kgs and my 17kg 4 yr old (pictured below) and was super comfy carrying both of my children.

                                  (lol it look like she is licking my ear but i promise she wasn't)
 The waist is structured enough to create this great seat and to prevent the waistband from flipping over when being worn.

I am happy to be able to offer this style of carrier for future customs. Not only is is versatile and pretty, it is also functional and very comfortable. xxHeidi

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What is Going On Inside A BelloBorn NewAge Carrier??

I have had people ask me over the time about the internal construction of my BelloBorn NewAge Carriers and seeing that i have been on holidays, i have finally got around to taking pics of what goes on inside my Mei Tai and Half buckle carriers. I will post a separately about my full buckle in coming weeks as it is a little different but the main safety features are all the same :)

After i have cut out my both pieces of the body of the carrier, i overlock all the edges of the fabric to prevent the wrap from fraying -

I then make the straps, whether they are wrap straps or the BelloBorn NewAge Flared Strap (padded to wrap strap). Here is the NewAge flared Strap, sewn with just the right amount of cush and support.

Once i have made the straps, i attach them to one side of the carrier then sandwich them between 2 layers of fabric. I add the hood at this point as well and sew around the entire carrier then secure the straps using x-box stitching.

Next, i bar tack along the stress points of the strap, in addition to x-boxing for extra safety and to make sure the fabric doesn't pull in one direction and cause weakness. Bar tacking is a stitch commonly used by carrier makers but can also be found on the pockets of your favourite jeans :)

Now the strap is securely in place and ready to be top stitched, further adding strength to the carrier.

I prefer to make my waistband structure INSIDE the carrier so that the waistband remains flexible. This is personal preference but i have continued to do it this way also because of feedback i get from testers and customers alike who love my carriers

Once i have attached either buckles or mei tai straps to the waistband using x-boxing, it is threaded through and triple stitched to ensure it doesn't slip around and remains safe.

The legs out padding is sewn into the seam allowance and stitched in place with quality industrial strength thread with the rest of the top stitching.

Voila ♥ here you have a perfectly safe and gorgeous BelloBorn carrier, ready to hold your precious baby x

Making quality carriers which are safe and durable is paramount to the BelloBorn philosophy.
Much love
Heidi xx

Sunday Sewing

Today i created this gorgeous Toddler size Full Buckle carrier for Sarah M - this is her 4th BelloBorn custom carrier! She has seen my carriers evolve and obviously loves them :) thanks for all your support Sarah M

This carrier features the BelloBorn NewAge Duo Waist for added comfort and support and also has dual adjusting buckles on the body and and waist to help get 'that' perfect fit every time.

My full buckles also have seat darts to help create a deeper seat and better knee to knee coverage.

Happy babywearing :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

2012 - What a Year!!

2012 was a HUGE year for BelloBorn Designs!

We launched our website which was a massive feat for two technically challenged ladies.!

Got a 'Proper' logo which i had designed but my lovely friend Alesha made for for me and we had it printed on our labels. I love our labels :)

I changed my design at the end of April/early May and began to make the new improved BelloBorn NewAge Carrier. I started making half buckle carriers in addition to Mei Tai's and Ring Slings.

The difference with my newer carrier, meant that i no longer cross the straps internally and the carriers are now made inside out, rather then inserting the straps (already joined together to the waistband) and top stitching. The result was a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing carrier.

I continue to do all my applique by free hand on my sewing machine to ensure the my carriers remain unique pieces of art. It is a labor of love but i love creating them so much!

In August My awesome hubby built me a new sewing space and i got my beloved Juki Industrial sewing machine. Look at my sewing space in paradise :)

My padded to wrap straps have also evolved over the past 12mths to what they are now - The BelloBorn NewAge Flared Strap. I am really happy with this strap. The padding provides just the right amount of cush and support.

Finally In August, after many prototypes i released my Full Buckle carrier.

 Then in January this year, released my BelloBorn NewAge Duo Waist for Full buckle Carriers. It has a padded section which extends around the hips and is a more structured waistband for added support.

Last but not least, here is a selection of just some of my favourite carriers that i made in 2012.
I have made over 120 carriers including ring slings in the last 12 months alone and in that time my work has continued to grow.
 I have learned sooo much about baby wearing, continued to use baby wearing in my daily life as a parent and i have been lucky enough to be mentored by some of the best ladies in the Business.
I am very passionate about baby wearing and making quality carriers so that more people can experience the joy of carrying their babies.

Yes, 2012 was a HUGE year and 2013 is going to be even better xxx thank you to everyone who has supported BelloBorn along the way!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I have been meaning to start a Blog for yonks but for some reason thought it would be tricky to set up (I am not the most computer savvy person in the world)

I can now see that this will be an awesome format for me to post about BelloBorn's latest news, competitions, info about Markets, sales. The list is endless!!

I will still continue to post on facebook but i like the way it is easy to search Blogs to find the information you are looking for and it doesn't get cluttered.

So with a new year, here is the start of the BelloBorn Blog xx