Monday, January 14, 2013

Introducing....The BelloBorn Ring Tai

I am really excited to announce that after much designing, the BelloBorn Ring Tai will soon be an option for custom orders and maybe even the odd in stock when i can :)

Ring Tai's are great for those who want the ease of a carrier which has shorter straps then a Mei Tai or Half buckle but can still easily back and front carry, wear the carrier low or high on the waist and tie off Tibetan which is what i personally love about the Ring Tai. Ring Tai's are lighter then a Full Buckle and still feel "wrappy". SlingRings are used in place of buckles to adjust the shoulder straps and waist strap, meaning that people of all shapes and sizes can comfortably wear this style of carrier.

I have incorporated aspects of both my Mei Tai and Full buckle NewAge Carriers to create the Ring Tai. I have made this one using the BelloBorn NewAge Flared Strap however wrap straps are also an option and would be lovely with smaller bubs.

This Ring Tai is a Toddler size 19" carrier and has both legs and arms out padding for my children's comfort. I made it this one without a hood however a hood ot padded headrest will also be an option for customs.

The carrier fits both my 23mth old who is almost 12kgs and my 17kg 4 yr old (pictured below) and was super comfy carrying both of my children.

                                  (lol it look like she is licking my ear but i promise she wasn't)
 The waist is structured enough to create this great seat and to prevent the waistband from flipping over when being worn.

I am happy to be able to offer this style of carrier for future customs. Not only is is versatile and pretty, it is also functional and very comfortable. xxHeidi

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